Make Up Remover Cotton Pads
Make Up Remover Cotton Pads

La Nature

Make Up Remover Cotton Pads

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La Nature ultra-soft reusable makeup remover pads feel wonderful on your skin. 

The front side of the pads feels so soft and gentle against your skin, and is so effective for removing makeup quickly and efficiently.

The back side provides a gentle exfoliating action that leaves your skin clean and smooth, whilst removing the unseen build up.

Use La Nature pads for anything you would use disposable cotton round or wipes for, such as removing makeup or facial cleansing. Then hand wash or run them through the wash and use again and again.

Each set contains 8 pads.

All of the product offered by Your Home Your World have been tested and loved by a member of our team. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan Robinson
Great product

Strongly recommended- been looking for something like this for ages

Cheryl Fuller
Exactly as promised

Really enjoy using this product. The cotton pads are great for removing makeup and the fact that I can reuse them after washing makes me feel I am making a small contribution to protecting our environment

Tracy Pearson
First time purchaser (who will be back..)

speedy delivery, aroma of my candle in box hit as walked thru door!! beautifully/carefully packed items, all excellent vaue for money, few items Xmas gifts so feedback to come.. would recommend!! A+++

A makeup gurus best friend

I’ve been meaning to buy these for ages but could normally only find packs of 5. This pack of 8 is plenty so I still have some whilst my others are drying. Really good at getting my makeup off without being too rough on my skin or eyes.