About Me


I am Angharad, founder of Your Home Your World.

The reason that I created Your Home Your
World, is because when I was at university in the beautiful city of Swansea, I was able to experience one of the best recycling systems in the UK. It was completely separated, but also took tins, glass plastic and general waste. Residents would even get fined if they had a recyclable substance in there general waste bags! Although many find that system annoying, I, for a while took it for granted, but as I reached the end of my degree, I realised that this amazing system would not be following me home. So I decided to make a change, and try to make a difference.

 I am currently at the start of my low/zero-waste journey, with the aim to have as little plastic in my life, as soon as possible.

My aim is to go on this journey with my customers, as you experience difficulties and issues, I will too, or hopefully will have already. This is a change that everyone can make, so let's do it together!

Quick fire facts about me:

  • I am from Bracknell, Berkshire and have lived here all my life
  • I went to Swansea University, and graduated with a BA in English Literature
  • I am 22
  • My favourite product that we offer at the moment is the Fennel toothpaste from Truthpaste
  • I have a yellow Labrador - he's adorable! 
  • My hobbies include: watching too much TV, reading, playing hockey and watching musicals (yes, I am a nerd).

I hope this gives you a little insight into who I am, and talk soon!


Angharad xx