Our Shop!

We now have a shop!

How exciting is that?

Our little shop is based in Festival Place in Basingstoke, and we are in the process of expanding the range of products that we offer (because the original set was chosen for Lance)! We have pretty much everything you can buy on our website and more, with more products being ordered everyday!

Although we are in the process of dealing with COVID-19 and all of the different tiers and restrictions, when it comes to us and the shop, we are dedicated on getting you the products that you want or need at reasonable prices, so that you can begin or continue to your journey to being low waste or plastic free.

The shop is constantly changing as we get our new products, and new ranges that we can offer, so from one week to the next things are always changing! At the moment, browsing is not really an option, due to Tier 4, but we are keeping everything crossed that you will be able to look at all the products close up soon!

We love hearing your thoughts, and your ideas! We want everything that we stock to be things that you want to see! So, we have a virtual suggestion box for you to have your say, and suggest any products you would like to see in store or on the website!