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Hair Wash

Hair Wash

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Want to have a more eco-friendly or plastic free bathroom? 

Shampoo bars although are generally an easy switch, sometimes you can't find the right one for your hair, or you just aren't ready to make that step.

That's ok! That's where Fill comes in.

They have developed a wonderful shampoo or hair wash that is completely plastic free apart from the pump, and it can be that starting point before you progress... and trust us, it smells amazing!

Who knows, you might love it so much, that shampoo bars never get a look in! 


New Bottles are available for local delivery only.



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Customer Reviews

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Liz Beal
Lovely smelling hair wash

Great shampoo which leaves my hair feeling and smelling great. Added bonus is that it is delivered to my doorstep and in reusable/ recyclable packaging