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Swole Panda

Orange & Yellow Zigzag

Orange & Yellow Zigzag

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Belts... Something that we have needed to almost as long as there have been trousers and shorts! So why not try one that is stretchy, and made of recycled plastic?


This belt is completely adjustable without the need for holes, and elasticised nature of the belt offer a precise fit and ultimate comfort.
Swole Panda have broken new ground, being the very first company to make them from REPREVE®, a material composed out of recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean. Their belts contain the equivalent of 7 plastic bottles that had previously been discarded, meaning that your don't just look amazing, but you are helping the planet too!
Each belt is finished with a low-profile, durable brushed zinc-alloy buckle, sustainable, regenerated leather trimmings.

Size Guide

Size Measurements 
S 26-30" / 66-76cm
M 30-34" / 76-86cm
L 36-42" / 91-107cm


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