Happy Plastic Free July

It’s July and you know what that means: it’s time to go Plastic Free!!!

So, you want to start converting but aren’t sure if it’s for you? We have compiled a list of pros and cons when it comes to switching to the green side 🌱💚


 Pro: It is FAR more environmentally friendly!

This seems obvious, but it is the number one reason why most people make their swaps. Waste pollution is a MAJOR issue for our planet in this day and age, as well as pollution from manufacturing and transportation. Lots of refill shops will choose to supply things made locally and ethically to reduce the pollution!


Con: Smaller range of products than a big ol’ supermarket 

Sadly, the market is much smaller when it comes to sustainability (take it up with the big corporations 😉) and therefore, fewer companies are allowing for refills at this present moment in time. However, lots of refill shops have alternatives for products you might need, so whilst you can’t get your fairy liquid refilled, Fill do an amazing ginger scented one!


Pro: Small Businesses get supported! 

The majority of refill shops are independently owned by people passionate about the cause. We will likely help you make your changes in easiest ways possible as well as sharing our favourite life hacks!


Con: It can be slightly more expensive than your average supermarket trip 

This is dependent on what you are buying (as it varies from shop to shop) but more  often than not, the prices are a little higher. This is relatively unavoidable, I’m afraid, as the market for refillables is a lot smaller making the costs higher! This can mean, however, that the quality of the products is better!


Pro: In some cases it can even be more cost effective!

Whilst the products themselves might be more expensive, most Refill shops sell by the weight, meaning you can buy as little or as much as you need! This will reduce waste of food and money! (In some cases you can even get in bulk!)


Con: Plastic free shops are not always as accessible 

Sadly, as the market is smaller and many shops are small businesses, the likelihood of local shops is slimmer. You might find you have to go further out of your way than just walking about 5 minutes down the road. But this is not always the case! (We are in the middle of a shopping centre!) A quick google search will tell you where your nearest refill shop is.


The important thing is not to stress yourself out with making loads of changes. Plastic Free July is supposed to be fun! Start with small changes and work your way up!


By Georgina Kelly

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