Sustainable Swaps for Global Recycling Day!

As we all know, recycling is and can be a difficult thing to accomplish. With all of the rules that different counsels put in place, whether something can be recycled or not, it feels like a minefield!

We do a number of things in store and on our online shop to ensure that what you receive has the smallest impact in terms of waste, from paper bags to recycling glass jars so that they can have a second life before they enter the mainstream recycling system!

To celebrate Global Recycling Day, we want to discuss sustainable alternatives, that we use ourselves, both at home and at work, and that don’t have to be thrown away or can very easily be generally recycled!

Where to start?

One of the easiest swaps that isn’t always talked about it is soap!

It sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? But soap is probably one of the easiest swaps you can make! It declutters your bathroom, because there are no bottles, it most often comes in completely recyclable packaging, you don’t have to remember anything extra when you are out and about and it is nice to your skin and the environment!


Straws are something that have been at the forefront of the ‘save the planet’ initiatives for a large number of people and governments since the video of the turtle with the straw up its nose came out. Plastic straws have been one of our most serious polluters until the bans came into effect a number of years ago.

However, paper straws are still not the answer in my opinion! Something that should be able to be recycled, can’t be because it has become saturated with all of the substances that we use straws for!

Welcome the reusable straw!

The number of different types of the reusable straws that are available on the market now, is amazing! Steel, bamboo and even glass are all available as reusable options that have very little impact on the environment, and often come in card packaging or even no packaging at all!



Finally, safety razors!

Safety razors were once a staple of so many bathrooms, and the blades are still being found in the walls of bathrooms all these years later

Razors, although have been considered a difficult or scary to use, they are definitely one of the most amazing recyclable and sustainable swaps! When swapping to a safety razor, you want to make sure you have somewhere safe to store your spent blades. The only parts of a safety razor that needs to be recycled is the packaging and the blades themselves! Other than that you should be able to keep the razor itself for life!


Has this given you an inspiration? What do you want to swap next?

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