UK brands - but why?

UK brands - but why?

Everything that we sell where possible has come from a UK business. We try to shop and support small business where we can, with the hope to boost small business. When an item does not come from the UK, we will always try and use a UK importer or distributor, so at least some of the money stays in the UK.

The world has some amazing products and as a nation we love nothing more than leaving our little island, and seeing the world, even to the point we import so much from overseas that we have almost changed the British culture in the process. I would like to point out that this is not a bad thing! We have one of the most amazing and diverse cultures in the world, and the view that we are excepting as much as possible has enabled us to be that wonderful blend of other cultures that can now be referred to as British!

In terms of the products that we offer, there is so much that we want to stock, and we want to make sure that the UK and our amazing army of small businesses are at the centre of that! So that you could say is reason 1 for all our products being from UK brands (where possible).

Reason 2 is much more to be expected from an eco-friendly business. It's the emissions that are expelled to get the product to us. If a business is shipping from the UK to the UK then the emissions are minimal! Especially with many delivery companies and the Post Office making big claims that they are going to be making a change in how deliveries are undertaken, in terms of electric vehicles... and for the moment they seem to be sticking to what they are saying!

If someone is importing into the UK, then you have the emissions from the plane, or ship or even train at times to watch out for! To be more eco-friendly, it is so much better to buy from home rather than abroad.

So supporting small businesses, the economy and trying to reduce the impact that these low waste products have on the planet through transit! That's why we use UK brands, and what's not to love?

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