World Wildlife Day!

What can you do to help?

Wildlife is such an important part of our ecosystem, our lives!

 We don’t always think about it, but wildlife impacts us in every part of our everyday lives.

There is the obvious parts, like bees helping to fertilise our food, or the birds in our gardens, but if you just look below the surface, there is a whole world that we often forget exists.

No matter where you live, there is wildlife all around you!

From badgers to foxes, song birds, bees and everything in between, wildlife is all around, but what can you do to help it?

Firstly: make sure that your local area has some green spaces.

 Whether this is your garden or a local park, speak or contact those who are in charge of managing the area, and make sure that the local wildlife are taken into account!

When wild flower areas are trimmed in the summer time, the wildlife are the ones that are most affected!


Secondly: Learn about the wildlife we have!

 If you get a chance, talk to as many of the wildlife charities and trust as you can, find out about the animals and birds that we have around us! You could even join the great bird watch, to help scientists and conservationists keep track of the wonderful little birds that we have all around the UK. Do a little bit of research, because a little can go a long way!

And Finally: Just enjoy it!

The wildlife we have on this side of the world is beautiful and majestic! Take every opportunity you get to watch the ecosystem that has developed around us! Whether that is watching the birds out of your window, going out into the countryside, or just going for a walk, taking that time will not only help us savour the wildlife we still have, but it will help you too!

What have you got to lose?
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